The Swing

to and fro it swayed
they stopped pushing it
but I never fell down.


En routeĀ 

My hands are on the wheel as  
countless images go by  
I keep moving forward 
while my eyes linger behind  

My hands are still on the wheel as  
as I wipe the tears off my cheek  
I keep looking at the mirror until  
the reddest of signals turns green  

My hands are dancing on the wheel 
for a new song has just begun 
I played it over and over again  
until I was ready to move on  

My hands are trembling on the wheel through  
all the twists and turns 
every stop looks the same 
and so does every burn  

My hands will be on the wheel  
My eyes will be on the road  
As long as there is fuel left in my tank 
And until my eyes close.