there is nobody there
what are you thinking?
you have no business here
then why do you stare
in the air?


The Journey

The long winding route
to the far reaching abyss,
that is not what it is.

An unending climb,
with a fall just after,
that is not what it is.

A tideless ocean,
Its maddening calm,
that is not what it is.

The pain, the smile
me with I,
that is what it is.

Sleeping in Class

words and shouts
chalk on the board
footsteps and chatter
some subject matter
My eyes are closed, but I am listening.

I see nothing
but I can think
for when it is dark
thoughts become louder
Dreams I see aren’t the dreams I am shown.

my eyes will open
and I will see
that I am not becoming
what I want to be
I heard the bell, but I am still sleeping.

The Window

The morning light, fell into my eyes
I walked towards the window
I saw the two boys kiss and that-
there was dust on my window

The sun had set, it was almost dark
I slogged towards the window
I saw the two boys cry and that-
there was fog on my window

It was raining, heavily that day
I rushed towards the window
I saw the two boys at peace and that-
there was blood on my window.

Hello World?

I don’t know if anyone will follow my posts. The truth is, I have never given a thought to it. This is going to be an ‘archive’ for my unfiltered thoughts.

If it is just an archive then why share it with the world? Only because I want to listen to any person who has anything to say about my thinking so that I get to shape it better.

I wanted to do this way back, but always thought that I don’t have the ability to write this much. Well, I just did, and I hope this full stop is not my last.