Come Out!

the brutes have taken over.
with thundering threats 
they cast themselves
of the glimmer that comes 
from that imperfect face 
that lightens up the night 
at its fullest 

she does hide. 
in the dark sometimes
only to give us a chance
to shine
when her daughters call
she is always there 
to show them the light 
but not today

the brutes have taken over. 
she has been locked up
hidden away from the world
because she had shone too bright
a wind of change is coming
to crush the stormy bellows 
and to liberate her,
the moon from the clouds
to bring us back into her halo. 



sermons of fire
expounded by guns 
sleeping in chaos 
I woke up 
but was told to 
Zip it. 

the hand of god 
would have wavered 
just before that explosion 
but I still wore that jacket
and was asked to
Zip it. 

a shroud of colour 
the victims adorned 
their pride became their wreath 
my bloodied crown felt heavy
but I marched on 
when I was asked to
Zip it. 

cries of pain
calls for help 
were mere white noise 
for the voice of one
wouldn’t have made a difference 
after I had made sure to
Zip it. 
Today’s Daily Mail Prompt – Zip